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Beloved Parishioners,

We are pleased o announce that the Archdiocese of Denver has been given the green light to open Mass at 75-person capacity, with social distancing guidelines in place, beginning Sunday, June 7. Sunday Mass will be offered with a scheduled sign-up for 10 AM, Noon, and 6 PM. Daily Mass will also be offered Tuesday—Friday at 8 AM. We will continue to broadcast 10 AM Mass on Sundays, via livestream. Safety is of utmost concern, therefore, those at risk of Coronavirus should remain at home. Those who are sick should also remain at home. Stay tuned for more videos, next week, and will keep you filled in as we know more!

Connections During COVID-19

Lourdes will provide livestreamed Mass, Sundays at 10 AM, and  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 AM. Livestreamed Adoration will also be provided at 7 PM on Thursdays.

Father Brian and Father Mike continue to urge the faithful to pray for all those whose lives have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Let us pray for all who are sick, all the unemployed or furloughed, and those on the front line, whether they be in hospitals, hospitality, grocery stores, or food service industries. Let us also keep in mind all those in science and healthcare who are  working tirelessly to combat this disease.

A private Mass will be livestreamed on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 AM in the campus rectory, and will be available on our Facebook videos page.

Subscribe to our YouTube page for at-home participation on Sundays and Thursdays.

Join us Sunday at 10 AM to watch Mass live.
Join us Tuesday at 9 AM to watch Mass live.
Join us Thursday at 9 AM to watch Mass live.

Join us every Thursday at 7 PM to watch Adoration live, with vespers.

All videos will be placed in our archives for you to watch any time and all original airing will be in Mountain Standard Time (MST).

How You Can Help

Please consider a gift to support the church:
Mass Collection | School Contribution

Communion, Mass, & Confession Times

We are now offering Communion via car line, in combination with livestreamed Mass, Sundays, Noon—1:30 PM | Tuesdays, Noon–1 PM | Thursdays, 5–6 PM (subject to change)

Parish Cancellations per Archdiocese of Denver

All Masses, weekday confessions, Adoration, and parish events are canceled indefinitely, per Archdiocese of Denver. Saturday confessions, 8–10 AM, still in effect in gym. PLEASE STAND 6 FEET APART WHILE WAITING.**


10 AM, MST | Mass Livestream | Communion procession to follow | Please stay in your car | Enter parking lot from Warren; exit on Iliff | 12–1:30 PM, only


9 AM, MST | Mass Livestream | Video available on Facebook
Communion procession to follow | Please stay in your car | Enter parking lot from Warren; exit on Iliff | 12–1 PM, only


9 AM, MST | Mass Livestream | Video available on Facebook
Communion procession to follow | Please stay in your car | Enter parking lot from Warren; exit on Iliff | 5–6 PM, only

Saturday Confessions

8–10 AM | Gym | **Please stand 6 feet apart to abide by social distancing guidelines.**

Communion Procession Guidelines

  • Please first watch one of our livestream Masses before you come to receive Communion. We will be offering Communion via car line on Sundays from 12–1 PM, Tuesdays from noon–1 PM, and Thursdays from 5–6 PM. Here is the map of the one-way route to receive Communion (Warren St. entrance to Iliff Ave. exit).
  • Please do not line up early; we cannot congest streets and inconvenience our neighbors. We anticipate that two hours will be ample time to serve all our parishioners. Thank you!
  • Please receive by HAND, only, at this time. There will be no distribution of the Precious Blood at this time.
  • An EMHC or priest will rotate around your car to distribute the Holy Eucharist to all recipients, appropriately.
  • Do not leave your car at any time, or wander the Lourdes campus for any reason—not even bathroom breaks. We must adhere to these guidelines, which are enforced by law.
  • **Please stay home if you are sick,** or have any risk factors for COVID-19 (you are 65 or older, or have a compromised or suppressed immune system, diabetes, heart disease, blood clotting factors, or any other risky health conditions). 
  • Please pay attention to our directional volunteers whose purpose is to keep traffic flowing smoothly.


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Parish Office  & Parish Mailing Address

2200 South Logan St. Denver, CO 80210

Monday – Thursday

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