The Marriage Ceremony

Congratulations to the newly engaged! May God send his blessings to you and the family you are about to start. Our Lady of Lourdes parish strives to prepare you for your wedding ceremony. Below, you will find more information on: Rehearsal, facilities, parking, prohibitions, flowers and decoration, wedding attire & music. 

Keep in mind that you provide the form below 8-12 months to the celebrant prior to the ceremony and rehearsal!

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil. Cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

Romans 12:9-10

The rehearsal is usually a day or two prior to the wedding, and is usually booked at the time the wedding is booked.

Contact Mary Rogers to schedule an appointment ONE MONTH PRIOR to your rehearsal to select readings from “Together for Life” booklet and discuss ceremony details.

Please be on time, and please advise all of your wedding party that they must be on time. One hour is reserved for the rehearsal, so come prepared. Other rehearsals or events may precede or follow your rehearsal.

Fr. Brian Larkin will run the rehearsal. Outside wedding coordinators cannot run the rehearsal at Lourdes. If you would like them to attend, please coordinate with Mary Rogers prior to the rehearsal.

The Lourdes musicians do not attend the rehearsal.

Bridal Room

The bridal room is for the convenience of the bride and her attendants. The bridesmaids should come fully dressed, but there is room for the bride to put on her dress, as well as sufficient mirrors for touching up hair and makeup. Please remove all belongings after the ceremony.

There is a small parking lot adjacent to the Grotto, behind the Church. There is a larger parking lot on the other side of the school. Additional parking is available on the surronding streets around the parish.

If you have questions about parking, please contact Mary Rogers, or (303)722-6861 (ext. 226).


Rice, confetti, birdseed, etc. may not be thrown inside or outside the church by Denver City Ordinance.

The sound system is not available for playing electronic devices.

The doors to the church cannot be locked during the ceremony.

Liturgy/song books cannot be removed from the pews.

Lourdes does not provide decorations.

Florist Guidelines

  • Must check with Mary Rogers regarding a suitable time for delivery.
  • Staff will not sign for any items and are not liable for any items.
  • Christian liturgy is marked by elegance and simplicity. 90% of weddings at Lourdes, only used flowers for the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaid’s flowers.

Decoration Guidelines

  • For pew decorations, no tape or tacks are permitted. You may use pew clips, may tie ribbon around the pew, or hang items with pipe cleaners.
  • All decorations must be prepared prior to their arrival to Lourdes.
  • Remove the decorations immediately. We are not responsible for any items left at Lourdes.
  • Contact the parish office the following Monday after the ceremony for any items that are left behind. The front desk person will arrange a pickup time.

Please keep in mind the solemnity and dignity of your wedding ceremony.  Even though current fashions can be very revealing, there are many choices that can be made for the bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses.  If the top is very bare, you should consider wearing a small jacket or a shawl (quite often an option for the bridesmaids’ dresses).

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to contact us at 303-722-6861 or email

One of our music ministry coordinators, Bernadette Prochaska, will help you to arrange music for your wedding day. Once you receive your wedding date, you can contact her at

All parts of the liturgy are expected to conform to the Church’s standards for noble, sacred and appropriate expressions of prayer and celebration.  We are aware that there are many tastes in music expressed by those approaching the sacrament of Marriage.  For this reason Bernadette will offer assistance and recommendations.

The music fee for weddings at Lourdes is $350 and includes the services of a pianist and vocalist. There is a $150 fee for each additional musician (e.g. violin, guitar, additional vocalists, etc.) if desired. Bernadette will schedule musicians once she’s met with you and discussed your desires for music. All fees will be paid directly to the musicians on the day of the wedding. It is possible to use your own musicians, however, any musicians who perform at Lourdes as well as music chosen needs approval from Bernadette. If using outside musicians there is a $75 fee paid directly to a sound tech who will set-up and run the sound system.


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